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Last updated: 16/01/2020


2019 and finally colts are born!!  After 6 years of nothing but fillies my beautiful mares Jareta Reinera and Castellana XLIX both gave me colts sired by our own Magistrado IV (Maipe).

Email IMG_0403 August 2019.jpg
Email IMG_0418 head August 2019.jpg
Email IMG_9846-1.jpg

Jareta Castizo.  Jareta Reinera x Magistrado IV 

Email IMG_0411 August 2019.jpg
Email IMG_0414 August 2019 head.jpg

Jareta Corzano.  Castellana XLIX x Magistrado IV 

Email IMG_0149[1].jpg

We did not attend the National Breed Show this year due to the flu scare and because we had not had time to back our little champion Jareta Xaenera, and so she was still in too soft condition.

We had booked Bella in to be graded this year, due to her missing it last year because of lorry problems.  This year didn't go to plan either as the morning we were due to leave the lovely old mare Maryss Java was missing from the herd.

We finally found her and she had sadly passed away, although only just as she was still warm and I was full of hope.  But it was not to be.  She had had a massive heart attack, or embolism, and had crashed through a fence onto our neighbours land where she had fallen right into the middle of a big hedge.  It was just too shocking and upsetting and we could not face driving to the grading after that. 


Bella meantime continues to be a wonderful riding horse, although she has developed a knack of flattening her ears whenever a potential buyer is around!!  Clever girl!

Java 9th July 2019-1.jpg

Above: Maryss Java.  Right: Jareta Urgencia, known as Bella.

Jareta Valiente and his best friend Rocky L Commodus (Cruz) left for their new home together.  Valiente to be a riding horse with Ella Jones and Cruz to work as a therapy horse as Ella is a co-founder of LEAP equine assisted programmes.  

Cruz with Ella-1.jpg
Val trot pole with Ella-1.jpg
2018 & National Championship Show


2018 was an interesting year for us.  While there were no foals due, we were able to concentrate on some new projects which did not involve horses directly, or at least, not at first.

With some help we were able to buy the house and land next door.  This gave us a new business of a large cider apple orchard and a huge family house which we turned into a holiday let with the addition of more bathrooms, bedrooms and a games room.

This beautiful house is available for families on a self-catering basis.  Details of rental through

We also made the accommodation and some of our horses available for Equine Assisted Coaching.   This is a bespoke service, fully catered, for executive groups of no more than 12 people.  Details of this can be found on

Cider apples also available in season.  Varieties Browns, Ellis Bitters, Dabinets, Michelin.  Contact:

And just to round off a very busy year, we made our Shepherd Hut available for people to stay in, especially if you want to bring your horse, ride in the 150 acres of tracks, woods and orchard or have lessons with Robert Pring.  For more details:

Jareta collection.jpg
Orchard and horse.jpg
Shepherd Hut.jpg

2018 National Championship Show

champion mare_2018_8726 e.jpg
adult movement champion_db1_8601 e.jpg

Jareta Xaenera became Reserve Champion Mare.  The Champion Mare was a lovely 12 year old mare, who definitely had toned and trained muscles over our unbacked girl.  She also won Best Movement and Best British Bred in her Class.  Her half sister, Jareta Xarina came 2nd.

Head with Rosettes 2018 e.jpg
class 7 annce pre mare 4 yrs_db1_7191 e.

Both were shown by the wonderful Elske van Reeuwijk, very well assisted by Hanna Lipnicka, who stepped in to help at the last minute.



Three foals were born in the 2017 season.

Jareta Arianna - bay filly (Zagal XXII out of Cadencia II)

Jareta Angelita - bay filly (Zagal XXII out of Perla LXI)

Jareta Adelante - bay going grey filly (Magistrado IV out of Jareta Reinera)

Arianna and Cadencia e.jpg
IMG_4006 e.jpg
Adelante and Neri e.jpg
Angelita, Arianna and Adelante e.jpg

By November they looked like this!

2017 National Championship Show

Elkse came over a month earlier to help with the training of the horses, but then disaster struck two days before the show itself, when her employer cancelled her time off!  

This was devastating news as all the entries were in and we were set to go.  But, thanks to Oriel Matas and Stephanie Hurstfield we were able to show Jareta Xaenera and Jareta Xarina.  Poor Oriel did not get much time to practice with them, and his style is different to what the girls were used to.

However, we managed a 2nd and a 3rd in class, Best British Bred and Best Movement, although they had had enough and were tired by the time we got to the championships.

Nevertheless, Jareta Xaenera came away with Reserve Champion Filly, even though Jareta Xarina had thrown her toys out of the pram by the time it got to the Movement Championship.  Many thanks to Oriel for stepping into the breach!

Breed show 2017 f4e.jpg
Breed show 2017 canter p4e e.jpg


A bit of a strange year this year.  We had one of our horses back which had been in a home for 4 1/2 years.  He was retired in a field at 8 years old due to lameness when ridden.  We started from scratch again, lungeing with lots of stretch to help his back to re-engage and to get it swinging.  He is still holding his back over the loin area for the first 15 minutes and is not as straight as we would like yet, but so far we have seen no lameness at all.  He is walking, trotting and cantering on the lunge and trotting under the rider (both sitting and rising).  He has a lot of talent this lad, and we are delighted that he is going to live with one of our very good friends locally.  She is a BHSI and he adores her.

The 2016 Breed Show.  We did not take any in-hand horses this year, so did not have the pleasure of Elske Van Reeuwijk's company this year.  We only took one horse and that was Jareta Ocheta.  She was entered in the unaffiliated BD Novice dressage class, which she won.

No foals either.  Last year was supposed to be our last year of breeding, but somehow we seem to have covered four mares for next year.  Some of these matings are quite new and I am excited to see what we get.

Robert Pring has been riding Jareta Ochenta in clinics with Helmut Oberhauser of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, who comes to the UK to teach every month.

We also gave a home to a 17hh PRE gelding who was going to be PTS because he was rearing.  As he is only 6 years old we thought it would be worth taking the time to start again with him.  He is currently stretching on the lunge very nicely and has, so far, not reared.  But it will be a slow job to convince him that we will never trap him with the bit and the reins.



Magistrado IV beginning ridden piaffe with Robert Pring.  April 2015

Only one foal this year.  Jareta Zagala

out of Cadencia II and by Zagal XXII.  She is going to be big, like her Dad and is very pretty.

2015 Breed Show

We did not have one of our better years.

Jareta Reinera had had a headlong fall in one of our steeper fields (larking around) and definitely was not moving as well as usual.  She came 3rd in the 5/6 year olds class.  Jareta Urgencia (below) did not fair much better, coming 2nd in her 3 year old fillies class.  She has a lot of talent and also a lot of attitude and the combination was not a show winner this year!!



Awarded Best UK Breeder 2014



That was a good 2014 breed show for the Jareta Stud.


Jareta Reinera won her class and was Reserve Champion Mare
Jareta Urgencia came 2nd in her class behind Diamante Negra at Jareta, and won best movement. She then went on to be Junior Movement Champion.
Diamante Negra (at Jareta) won her class


Jareta Xarina was much admired by both judges for her movement and was given a special one-off award.


Jareta Tesora came 3rd in her class

Castellana XLIX (at Jareta) came 6th in her class, an unusually poor result for her, but her foal did distract her terribly!!

Jareta Xaenera was wonderfully behaved until the very end when she went for a big run around, but it did cause a lot of audience enjoyment!


To top it all off, Jareta Stud won the Best British Breeder Award! We have been close to winning it before and after so many years showing it was the real icing on the cake.


The picture below shows Nicola Hall with Castellana, David with Xarina, Samantha Pick with Xaenera and Elske Van Reeuwijk with Reinera. It was absolutely wonderful having Elske with us this year, horses and humans loved her! Nicola, Sam and Liv Watts were a wonderful team and the whole event went off remarkably smoothly. Thank you all very much indeed.




Full report of the 2014 year at the stud in the Articles section.

2014 Foals
Jareta Xaenera out of Jareta Reinera by Tamarindo IV

Jareta Xarina out of Castella XLIX by Tamarindo IV


See video of mares and foals cantering, showing superb movement.


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